K.I.R.E. is a statewide non-partisan grassroots citizens group organized  for the purpose of informing Kansans of the enormous cost and  many negative effects associated with the illegal alien invasion.    Our stated goal is the pursuit of reform of Kansas immigration laws through the legislative process. 

K.I.R.E. is not against legal immigration but the rule of law is absolutely essential to the preservation of our democratic way of life and crossing our borders without proper credentials and approval is a violation of our law which we cannot and will not allow.           

Barb Nichols, Director

                       -WE SUPPORT THE RULE OF LAW- 

K.I.R.E. is working to pass tough legislation in Kansas that will:

1.  Prohibit illegal aliens from obtaining a valid Kansas drivers license.

2.  Require proof of citizenship to register to vote

3. Repeal in-state tuition benefit for illegal aliens law.

4. Eliminate sanctuary policies.  Support and encourage local and state law enforcement to work closer with INS.

5. Stop employers from hiring illegal aliens and landlords from renting to illegal aliens.

6. Prevent illegal aliens from purchasing homes in Kansas.

All who share these concerns are welcome to become involved.    Call 620-343-3289 or email kskire@yahoo.com

Contributions are accepted.  Mailing address is 35 Mohawk Drive   Emporia, KS   66801


4 Responses to “* About Us — K.I.R.E.”

  1. 1 BJ February 26, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    I TOTALLY agree. I am NOT against people trying to make a better life for themselves. But do it legally. We make it TOO EASY, when we give, give and give!!
    I work in the medical field and see how much our government GIVES them. They recieve FREE medical care, FREE food, and many other benefits. As soon as a baby is born in the USA they become a US citizen and become immediately eligible for all the benefits. These people know how to work the system and boy do they work it. Many live in boardering states, they set-up PO Boxes in communities where a relative lives so are able to prove residency. They then get benefits from more than one state. We have actually had people move to KS, because they were told they could get more free government benefits.
    We need to take care of our own. Those families whose income falls in the “middle” Too much for welfare, but not enough to live on!!

  2. 2 Kevin May 7, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    These are the senators that gutted SB 458. Vote them out of office. Pressure needs to be applied to the Chamber of Commerce to prevent their influence in unlawful alien matters.


    Barbara Allen, Overland Park.
    Pat Apple, Louisburg.
    Karin Brownlee, Olathe.
    Terry Bruce, Hutchinson.
    Pete Brungardt, Salina.
    Jay Scott Emler, Lindsborg.
    Carolyn McGinn, Sedgwick.
    Steve Morris, Hugoton.
    Roger Pine, Lawrence.
    Roger Reitz, Manhattan.
    Derek Schmidt, Independence.
    Vicki Schmidt, Topeka.
    Jean Schodorf, Wichita.
    Ruth Teichman, Stafford.
    Dwayne Umbarger, Thayer.
    John Vratil, Leawood.
    Susan Wagle, Wichita.
    Dennis Wilson, Overland Park.
    David Wysong, Mission Hills.


    Donald Betts, Wichita.
    Marci Francisco, Lawrence.
    Greta Goodwin, Winfield.
    David Haley, Kansas City.
    Anthony Hensley, Topeka.
    Laura Kelly, Topeka.
    Janis Lee, Kensington.
    Chris Steineger, Kansas City.

    Feel free to copy the list and post it in every newspaper in Kansas.

  3. 3 Kevin May 7, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    The worst part of the anchor baby process is that then the parents get visas and eventually green cards and then because of the “chain migration” policies they bring their parents. There are hotels in New York City that sponsor “birthright citizenship” packages where the pregnant mother stays for two months while immigration lawyers process the child’s citizenship and begin the process of applying for the parents. Obama recently EXTENDED the temp visas of South Americans and Haitians for 18 more months while he pressures a Democratic congress to pass blanket amnesty. Also when the economy is in such bad shape and 20 or more MILLION Americans (yeah that’s right I don’t just count the ones in the job service system) are out of work I believe LEGAL immigration numbers should be curtailed. We import 100,000 LEGAL immigrants a MONTH more than ever in our history. And with Obamas opening the doors for Haitians and El Salvadorans that aren’t going through the system it is probably closer to 2 million. We are a country in crisis. NAFTA has allowed corporations to flee this country in search of cheap labor while their profits convince politicians to remove protective tariffs that induce many MORE industries to leave. They cannot compete with oppressed societies and cheap labor if those societies are allowed free access to American markets. Free trade is a myth perpetrated by monopolists and cartels that smother competition and buy and bury competing technologies…and corrupt governments.

  4. 4 john stahl August 23, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    Tea Party Immigration Coalition addresses Tea Party Patriots Weekly Webinar..Vote Set

    Last night, leaders of the national Tea Party Immigration Coalition(TPIC) addressed the weekly webinar of the National Tea Party Patriots (TPP) in hopes that that group would adopt HR2164 and Obama’s new amnesty program as priorities. The Weekly Webinar is made of local leaders or coordinators of the TPP across the nation.

    The webinar was hosted by Jenny Beth Martin, cofounder of the TPP. TPIC Co founder and Chairman, John Stahl, long time local coordinator for TPP, led off by telling the group that he and TPP national director, Diana Reimer, founded the TPIC to get Tea Party folks and immigration specialists, activists and groups together.

    He then turned the mike over to Rick Oltman . Rick is an expert in the field of immigration. He pointed out that HR 2164 would strip states of their right to enact and enforce EVerify legislation, a right recently certified by the US Supreme Court. “This bills provisions ares opposed by Sen Russel Pearce of Arizona, author of the AZ law, Darryl Metcalfe, founder of the state legislator immigration caucus, Phyllis Schlafly, Lou Barletta, Congressman, KRIS KOBACH , former Congressman Tom Tancredo, National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers and Congressman Steve King of Iowa who plans to submit remedial amendments.” added Oltman. “ We must amend this bill or defeat it”.

    Stahl said, “This is clearly in the 10th amendment arena. States have this right. In fact, it was just after the Supreme Court certified states rights that this bill was introduced. Isn’t that interesting that the US Chamber of Commerce who has lost the battle in the courts has now gone to their friends and demanded action?”

    Ernie Housner of Georgia, a TPP leader, said that his Georgia Tea Party Group worked tirelessly to enact a new EVerify immigration reform law. “All that work would be for nothing if this bill passes.”

    Mike Cutler, former Border Patrol Agent, Fox News contributor, said “ We must stop this legislation as written. If this bill passes, we may as well give up trying to secure our borders.”

    Stahl added, “ We must get the Judiciary committee to amend this bill,” If we fail, then we must defeat this assault on states rights.”

    Stahl also spoke about King Obama and his rule by decree. “We must pass the Halt Act to stop this illegal and unconstitutional act of the President.” Stahl explained that Obama issued a memo essentially granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. “It is in violation of law”, Stahl said. “We have asked experts to determine if this is an impeachable offense.”

    National Director and Co founder, Jenny Beth Martin, said that the TPP would send out an email today to determine the course that TPP would take. Local Coordinators will have an equal chance to vote on the groups direction. Stahl said that the issue fits perfectly with the Core Values of the TPP. “This bill is an assault on states rights which fits with our seeking a ‘Constitutionally Limited Government’. Further, the core value of Fiscal Responsibility is affected in that hundreds of billions of dollars of welfare and social security dollars are going to these illegals. Failure to stop them prevents us from having fiscal integrity.”

    Stahl said that he is confident that thinking patriots will agree that we must act and act now to preserve the rule of law and protect our citizens from harm.


    John Stahl-PA 610-927-7034

    Michael Cutler-NY 917-868-6304

    Rick Oltman-CA 415-215-9550

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